What can I say about Wizard World Chicago 2005?  It was AWESOME.  The Comics Creators Syndicate

did fairly well selling Syndication, though I'd have preferred to have sold a bit more.  For me, the highlight

of the con was being able to meet so many great people.  I got to meet some people who I've wanted to

meet for years, like Kristen "Merekat" Perry and Josh Middleton, as well as people who I've wnated to

meet for a slightly shorter time, like the Radioactive Panda crew.


So the main highlights:  I spent a good deal of time talking with Noble Larimer and Craig Maloof of Ronin

Studios and will be printing my Mythology book with them in the next few weeks.


I joined the Megatokyo forums in 2002 and started talking with Kristen Perry there until late 2003, when I

stopped posting.  D'Oh!  Well I met her this weekend and she remembered my handle from back then,

which made me feel special.  I got to talk to her and her friend Nishiko.


Nishiko (left) and Kristen (right)

Friday night, us Syndicate guys met up with some friends at the Hyatt bar, which was filled with a lot of

the top comic creators in the world.  We sat next to a group of Top Cow writers and editors, including

Mark Waid, Jim McLaughlin, and Dave Wohl.  On the other side of us was artist Mike Mayhew.  As we

sat there talking, guys like Joe Madureira, Jeph Loeb, J. Scott Campbell, Joe Quesada, Rob Liefeld,

Cheaks Galloway, Skottie Young, and Ale Garza.  I stepped out to the restroom and as I got to the door,

Mark Waid walked out and almost ran me over.  Funny stuff....really.

Dave Wohl also seemed to stare at me many times that day, including when he was 2 feet away from

me at the bar.  That was a little creepy.  But whatever.


And that's my con report for the most part.  Enjoy some pictures.


Jeremy and Kelly Dale             Casey and Kelly Heying


The Radioactive Panda Crew          Wade Furlong


The view on Preview night from our table.